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November 23, 2009

A dedicated employee

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I truly appreciate a dedicated employee when I see one, but every now and then it’s simply…well…not worth the effort.

I did my Thanksgiving grocery shopping after church yesterday. But I was in town again today for a doctor’s appointment and realized I wasn’t quite finished. So I stopped at Kroger and picked up two lemons and one lime.

I proceeded to the checkout. The girl, ever helpful, asked, “Do you have your Kroger card?”

Now I do have a Kroger card…somewhere. I have a purse with multiple compartments and two wallets, each with several places for credit cards and such to live. I thought I knew just where that darn Kroger card was, but I was wrong. Other people were in line behind me and this was supposed to be the express lane. I didn’t want to hold things up, but the girl was patiently waiting. She said something hopeful, urging me to find that pesky piece of plastic, but to no avail.

“Look, don’t worry about it,” I said, stuffing everything back into my purse. And I paid the entire, un-discounted bill — $1.32.

Gee. Wonder how much I would have saved with that Kroger card?


October 6, 2009

Random thoughts from our South Carolina vacation

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I’m not 100% sure, but I think South Carolina church potlucks might be better than Kentucky church potlucks. Or maybe it’s just those Mennonites. I need to conduct further research into the matter before I reach any sort of conclusion.

It’s a bit unnerving to swim in a pool right next to an alligator pond.

It’s also unnerving to drive around a completely new city where there’s not a gas station to be found while about to run out of petrol.

A vacation at the beach is fantastic. A vacation at the beach is even more fantastic if you don’t have horrible poison ivy all over your ankles. (Poor Michael)

The people who get to the beach super-early in the morning really do get the best shells. (And one day that was me! Huzzah!)

If you’re ever on Sullivan Island, SC, don’t miss enjoying a meal at Poe’s Tavern. (more…)

August 10, 2009

Coiffure confusion

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I got my hair cut a couple of days ago, shorter than I’ve had it for a while. My beautician did a great job. And this cut is perfect to keep me cool on muggy August days.

So yesterday I felt compelled to wear a pair of big earrings to church–the biggest pair I own, in fact. You see, when I get my hair cut this short I feel the need to compensate with accessories so strangers will know I’m a woman. No, that’s not a frequent problem. But there was this one time… (more…)

March 19, 2009

Random ramblings

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I made an amazing discovery recently. If you make Cream of Wheat with chocolate milk, you get “Coco Wheats!” Not  actually. The real Coco Wheats have more iron. But I can fool myself on taste!

Sign on the door of a little diner in our tiny town: “The good ole days are back!” Under that, in slightly smaller letters: “One day only.” I guess the good ole days just aren’t good enough to keep around for long.

Like my boss, I don’t like to waste food. Especially good food. Especially good food bought with my good money. Which is why, instead of the usual bran cereal, I had a mutton sandwich for breakfast this morning — complete with pickles and onion! That’s about as radical as I get at 7:30 a.m.

March 10, 2009

Random ramblings

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Spring is springing here in southeastern Kentucky. I saw a groundhog by the side of the road Saturday, and it should have been a warning. Last night I had to take some items to our trash compound after dark. I approached the area from the rear, nearest the back of the truck. As I prepared to send an empty milk jug sailing through the air, I noticed in the gloom the black-and-calico neighborhood stray cat digging through a bag right in front of me. I tossed the jug and as it whistled past the cat I took a step closer so I could propel my bag in the same direction. The “cat” shape-shifted and a big, fluffy black-and-white tail arose from the debris. Pepe had his le pew pointed straight at me, no more than three feet away. Gadzooks! I tiptoed backward ever so slowly. He kept eating and never so much as raised his fearsome little head. It was my closest call to date, and I’ve had some close ones. Skunks hibernate, right? Thank goodness this one woke up hungry!   

Speaking of trash, last weekend I put in some volunteer hours at my church’s rummage building. During some down time I decided to sort through some bags that had been dropped off and begin pricing the items. All was going well until I pulled a very small plastic bag from a larger bag. I opened it and inside was…a dirty diaper. I still don’t know if it was an accident or someone’s idea of a practical joke. Either way, I’m glad it didn’t make its way into the stuff we’re saving for our “Big Sale.” Somebody at the Big Sale would have gotten a big surprise!

A week ago Michael purchased two boxes of Girl Scout cookies. He had payed for them with his own spending money and had been waiting with tingling tongue from order date to arrival. Two days ago Noel mentioned buying some Girl Scout cookies when she ran across someone selling them outside Walmart. Michael whirled around to face me. “I’ve been forgetting to eat my Girl Scout cookies!” he cried. “I’ll bet by now they’re all gone!” OK, think about it. Maisie can’t reach the counter. The cats aren’t interested in cookies. That just leaves me. Thanks, Hon, for accusing me of stealing all of your cookies. “I’ve only eaten one ‘Thin Mint’ ” I retorted, “and I’ve not so much as touched your “Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies!” (Didn’t those things used to have a more original name?) So now I have to remind him to eat his favorite cookies? We really are getting to be “the old folks at home…”

January 26, 2009

Random Ramblings

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Yesterday I decided to take a back road shortcut home from church. Though it’s a lesser route by distance, the road is narrow, quite hilly and very curving. One usually takes a shortcut with the expectation that it will be faster, right? Below are the things I encountered in the road ahead of me as I drove along my merry way:

a slowly-moving big red truck

a small beige dog running frantically

a tractor bed full of hay


a troupe of elderly Pentecostals

But the good news is: Someone has fixed the potholes! By the way, “shortcut” is apparently a relative term.

December 10, 2008

Random ramblings

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We’ve been leaving the TV on for our dog Maisie when she’s in the crate while we go to work. Two days in a row when I’ve come home to walk her I’ve caught her watching Jerry Springer. Now I’m afraid she’s going to try to get on the show. Possible topics for which she could qualify: “I’ve got a secret sexy crush on the Basset Hound next door,” “Mixed breed love: My mother was a Scottie, my father was a Cairn,” and “Adoption scam revealed: I was sold for $150 cash.” Thankfully, Michael now has Maisie watching Animal Planet instead. Maybe we’ve rescued her before it’s too late.

Clay and his fiance, Taylor, volunteered to put up the Christmas tree over Thanksgiving weekend. And they did exactly that. So for the next week our living room was adorned with a bare fake evergreen tree in the corner. This past weekend I finally added ornaments after Michael said he’d rather I decorate the tree than cook supper. (Man. He was really serious about this tree!) Yesterday I at last exchanged the autumn leaves on the front door wreath with red bows and holly sprigs. There’s still much left in the shed and in the Christmas trunk that needs to be put out. I don’t like this strategy of decorating by degrees, but this year it’s simply working out that way. I’m glad there are four weeks of Advent and then 12 days of Christmas. At this rate, I’m going to need every last one of them.

And on a more serious note, I leave you with the quote of the day–Teresa Wheeler on distractions during prayer: “I certainly hope God pays more attention to our prayers than we do.”

November 7, 2008

Random ramblings

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I think I may have athlete’s foot. My toes feel gummy. And gummy toes are definitely not a good thing.

When Clay was a tiny tot, he couldn’t stand for his hands to get messy. He would sit in his high chair and hold up chubby digits dripping with the remnants of jello and toddler meat sticks, whining, “Gummy gummy hands!”

The last time Clay was home from school he brought a bundle of dirty laundry for me to wash. By the time he got ready to leave, I alerted him to the fact that his clean socks were still a bit damp. “That’s OK,” he said. “My socks are always damp.” After he left I began worrying. Did he mean they’re always damp when he takes them out of the dryer? Or does he actually slog around the campus with squishy socks? If he wears damp socks, couldn’t that lead to a foot fungus? Like, maybe, athlete’s foot?

I brought this one full circle nicely, didn’t I? 🙂

October 15, 2008

How my brain works

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I have a new friend, and he recently turned 50. He said that he became a bit forgetful for a couple of days, but he’s over that now. Must be nice. Here’s how being over 50 is working for me:

Noel made these really scrumptious pumpkin muffins yesterday–from a recipe she adapted into her own unique creation. Ryan claimed, “This is the best thing you’ve ever cooked!” I’m sure he developed a taste for all things pumpkin when he was a lad in Ashville, Ohio and went to the Circleville Pumpkin Show. (more…)

October 2, 2008

Random ramblings

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The other day a hummingbird pooped on me. Now that was a first!

OK, animal lovers. I assume that when one pet pees in the water dish of another, it’s a sign of hostility? Talk about your passive-aggressive types…

Monday I asked my doctor, “Is it muscle or is it fat?” He kindly replied, “Well…it’s not muscle.” Excuse me; I need to go walk the track–a few hundred times.

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