Denise Day Spencer

January 21, 2010

Me, mySelf and I

Filed under: Personal reflections — denisedayspencer @ 7:25 pm

Are you one of those people who reads magazines in a doctor’s office? When I say “reads” I’m using the term loosely. I generally just thumb through, mostly looking at the pictures, and that’s only if I’ve forgotten to take a book to read.

Michael’s radiation appointments go so quickly that I don’t bother with a book. But the other day I had a few more minutes than usual so I picked up the nearest publication. It was one I don’t think I’d ever looked at before, though the cover boasted it was 30 years old —  Self magazine. In my few available moments I learned that plaid is apparently in. That’s good news for my old flannel shirts. The beauty writers told me how to choose an eyeshadow shade based on my eye color, and how to pluck my eyebrows according to the shape of my face. (What shape is my face, anyhow?) I even read how to slim down by Saturday. Hmmm…I wonder if that promise would stick if I didn’t read the article until Friday? (more…)


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