Denise Day Spencer

November 5, 2009

Christmas music/drama program

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Do you need some kind of Christmas music/drama program but you’ve waited too late and now you’re in a state of pre-holiday panic? Never fear! What follows is a super-simple music and drama program that any church can do. And to leave room for your own creativity, I’m not even going to tell you everything. 😉

“Wandering Pilgrim”

CIRCUS GUY: (spotlight on him as he pantomimes walking a tightrope while circus music plays)

Ta-da! Another success for the Flying Farina Family!

Did you ever want to run away to join the circus? I didn’t have to; I was born into it. Does that sound like fun? It is, in a way. Walking the tightrope, flying on the trapeze. Hearing the silence as the audience holds their breath. “Will he make it?” I’ve been performing since I was three years old. I guess you could say it’s my nature.

The traveling can get old. Rambling over bumpy roads in the middle of the night, living out of a trailer. Sometimes I think I’d like to leave the circus and settle down. But how long would it take me to get bored? Now there’s always the excitement of the next town, the next show. When I see the crowd and hear the applause, I want to be up there, flying. It’s my nature. I guess I’m just a wanderer.

CHOIR                  One or more songs

BUSINESS EXECUTIVE:  (she talks on cell phone)

Hey, Honey. Is everything going OK? (pause) He fell? Is he all right? (pause) Where was he? (pause) Why were you letting him stand in the chair? He’s a toddler! Toddlers…toddle! Hang on. I’ve got another call. (pushes button)

Jamie? (pause) I’m still in the airport. My flight’s been delayed. I need you to call Houston and tell them I’m running at least an hour behind. I don’t want to postpone the meeting but we might have to. Keep in touch with Tom, OK? I’ll call you before I board. (pushes button)

I’m back. (pause) Yes, we have Spaghetti-O’s; I just bought some. (pause) Look behind the animal crackers. Just a minute; I have to take this call.

(to audience) This is my life. I love the pace; I thrive on it! Some weeks I hardly see my family, though. I tell myself I’m doing all this for them, but sometimes it doesn’t feel like it. I have all these goals. I know where I’m going in life. And yet it’s like I’m on a pilgrimage, getting closer and closer…to someplace that doesn’t exist.

CHOIR                           One or more songs

HOMELESS LADY:  (to imaginary passerby)

Excuse me. Do you have the time? (to audience) I haven’t had the time since that little urchin at the shelter stole my watch. Took it right off me while I was sleepin’! He’ll probably grow up to be a pickpocket. Oh, well. It’s worth it to have a place to lay my head at night. The streets can be mighty cold in December.

Ah, I see you admirin’ my new shoes! Got these at the clothes closet down at First Church. I expect you’d call these the “gently used” variety. Better than what I usually find in my size. I need good shoes, ‘cause I’m on my feet so much. Walkin’ to the clothes closet, to the soup kitchen, to the Goodwill…You get the idea.

Seems like I spend most of my time wanderin’ the streets. Wanderin’ but not goin’ anywhere much. The other night I was over on 37th Street and I heard a church bell start ringin’. For some reason it made me think of how Joseph and poor little Mary wandered the streets of Bethlehem lookin’ for a place to lay not just their heads, but their newborn Baby. They didn’t have shelters back in those days, and no one would take them in. I know that stable must have been a blessin.’ The streets can be mighty cold in December.

CHOIR                                       One or more songs

DRAMATIC INTERPRETATION to “Wandering Pilgrim” by Twila Paris

You can set up the interpretation any way you like. The way we did it, on verse one a shepherd enters as if searching for something, looks up to see star and freezes. Expectant Mary and Joseph enter on verse two, walk a few steps, see star and freeze. For musical interlude, shepherd exits and Mary and Joseph meet the innkeeper, who takes them to the stable. With verse three, Joseph helps Mary lie down and get settled. He pulls a curtain to shield Mary from view. He walks a few paces away as shepherd enters. Both men look up at the star. On “We Three Kings” theme, Magi enter from back of sanctuary and process down the aisle while Joseph and shepherd watch in wonder. Joseph invited all to the manger. He opens curtain to reveal Mary and baby, and all present gifts, then kneel in worship.

Have fun with it! Make it your own, and have a very merry Christmas!



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