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November 23, 2009

A dedicated employee

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I truly appreciate a dedicated employee when I see one, but every now and then it’s simply…well…not worth the effort.

I did my Thanksgiving grocery shopping after church yesterday. But I was in town again today for a doctor’s appointment and realized I wasn’t quite finished. So I stopped at Kroger and picked up two lemons and one lime.

I proceeded to the checkout. The girl, ever helpful, asked, “Do you have your Kroger card?”

Now I do have a Kroger card…somewhere. I have a purse with multiple compartments and two wallets, each with several places for credit cards and such to live. I thought I knew just where that darn Kroger card was, but I was wrong. Other people were in line behind me and this was supposed to be the express lane. I didn’t want to hold things up, but the girl was patiently waiting. She said something hopeful, urging me to find that pesky piece of plastic, but to no avail.

“Look, don’t worry about it,” I said, stuffing everything back into my purse. And I paid the entire, un-discounted bill — $1.32.

Gee. Wonder how much I would have saved with that Kroger card?


November 5, 2009

Christmas music/drama program

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Do you need some kind of Christmas music/drama program but you’ve waited too late and now you’re in a state of pre-holiday panic? Never fear! What follows is a super-simple music and drama program that any church can do. And to leave room for your own creativity, I’m not even going to tell you everything. 😉

“Wandering Pilgrim”

CIRCUS GUY: (spotlight on him as he pantomimes walking a tightrope while circus music plays)

Ta-da! Another success for the Flying Farina Family! (more…)

November 2, 2009

Children’s object lesson: The parable of the yeast

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SCRIPTURE: Matthew 13:33
OBJECTS: a loaf of homemade bread, a package of yeast

Today we’re going to look at a parable of Jesus that is such a short little story that it’s told in just one verse. He said the kingdom of God is like a woman who took yeast and mixed it all through a lump of bread dough. That’s it; that’s the whole story! What on earth does it mean? (more…)

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