Denise Day Spencer

October 6, 2009

Random thoughts from our South Carolina vacation

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I’m not 100% sure, but I think South Carolina church potlucks might be better than Kentucky church potlucks. Or maybe it’s just those Mennonites. I need to conduct further research into the matter before I reach any sort of conclusion.

It’s a bit unnerving to swim in a pool right next to an alligator pond.

It’s also unnerving to drive around a completely new city where there’s not a gas station to be found while about to run out of petrol.

A vacation at the beach is fantastic. A vacation at the beach is even more fantastic if you don’t have horrible poison ivy all over your ankles. (Poor Michael)

The people who get to the beach super-early in the morning really do get the best shells. (And one day that was me! Huzzah!)

If you’re ever on Sullivan Island, SC, don’t miss enjoying a meal at Poe’s Tavern.

Ryan gets the award for the most bravery in ordering new items from the menu.

The ocean off the Charleston coast at dawn is the most amazing shade of turquoise.

Whose idea was it to put shrimp and grits together, anyway?

If you’re Roman Catholic and you’re ever on Sullivan Island, SC, don’t miss going to Mass at Stella Maris.

Noel managed to keep secret for four days the fact that she and Ryan had a hot tub in their bathroom. (We didn’t.)

I’ll close with a brief story. As Noel has already recounted, Isle of Palms is generously populated with deer. That is one animal I definitely did not expect to see anywhere near the beach. (And how did they get onto an island, anyway?)

Yes, alligators, too–including a huge one Noel spotted right up in someone’s back yard. I still don’t understand how people can so casually go about their daily lives with ALLIGATORS lounging around like cats! And is someone regularly feeding the creatures to make sure they don’t snack on Fido? I’d been wondering if the Isle of Palms has a deer hunting season, and if not, if the deer are in danger of overpopulating the area. But hey, maybe this thing takes care of itself. I’m sure a deer would be quite a filling meal for Gus the Gator.

Between the deer standing around in the front yards and the alligators sunning in the back, the place took on a surreal tone for this Kentucky native. But on our last day there, I suddenly felt right at home. I had decided to walk to the beach early to catch the sunrise. As I hot-footed it up the street, I passed a dead raccoon in the middle of one lane. Just a few yards past the ‘coon lay a dead possum in the other lane. I felt like I’d pulled the penny out of my pocket and been zapped back into Clay County. Good ol’ road kill! Now that’s something I can understand.


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