Denise Day Spencer

October 6, 2009

Random thoughts from our South Carolina vacation

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I’m not 100% sure, but I think South Carolina church potlucks might be better than Kentucky church potlucks. Or maybe it’s just those Mennonites. I need to conduct further research into the matter before I reach any sort of conclusion.

It’s a bit unnerving to swim in a pool right next to an alligator pond.

It’s also unnerving to drive around a completely new city where there’s not a gas station to be found while about to run out of petrol.

A vacation at the beach is fantastic. A vacation at the beach is even more fantastic if you don’t have horrible poison ivy all over your ankles. (Poor Michael)

The people who get to the beach super-early in the morning really do get the best shells. (And one day that was me! Huzzah!)

If you’re ever on Sullivan Island, SC, don’t miss enjoying a meal at Poe’s Tavern. (more…)


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