Denise Day Spencer

September 15, 2009

Children’s object lesson: The parable of the mustard seed

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SCRIPTURE: Matthew 13:31-32

OBJECTS: a tiny seed and the plant that results (or a picture of the plant)

Today we’re going to look at a really short little story that Jesus told about the kingdom of God. He compares the kingdom to a mustard seed.  A mustard seed is a tiny seed. When you think about it, all seeds are tiny compared to the plants they grow into, aren’t they?

I brought a [name it] to show you. And here’s what you get when you plant this seed. [Show plant or picture] Quite a difference in size, right? But the mustard seed is especially small, and it grows into a plant that’s especially big. It sprouts quickly and goes up and up until it’s about 10 feet tall. That’s as tall as [reference something in the room].

So why did Jesus compare His kingdom to a mustard seed? One reason may have been that when he was on earth, no one really understood who he was or what he came to do. The disciples finally began to understand, but even they didn’t know what he was really all about.

To the religious leaders, Jesus was just a wandering prophet. He was a carpenter’s son from a small town. He was a nobody. When they finally had him killed, they thought that would be the end of him.

But, just like that teensy mustard seed, Jesus surprised everyone. Who could have imagined that he was born to die for our sins? Who would have guessed that he would be resurrected? How could anyone know that over 2,000 years later we would be here today worshiping him as God? But here we are. And all over the world today Christians are worshiping Him. All of this — from such a small beginning.



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