Denise Day Spencer

September 3, 2009

“Living the Lord’s Prayer,” by Albert Haase, O.F.M.

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When I first began this book I was rather dubious. What did this author have to say about such a tried-and-true topic that hadn’t already been said a hundred times? My reluctance was unfounded, however, and I’m happy to report that I enjoyed the book immensely.

Father Haase seasons his prose with stories from his own and others’ experiences to illustrate his points. Each chapter ends with “Reflection Questions” and “Gospel Passages for Meditation and Prayer.” This makes Living the Lord’s Prayer a book that could easily be featured in a study group as well as read by individuals.

Living the Lord’s Prayer breaks down the prayer into short sections and tackles each one in chronological order. It does go where you probably think it will, but Haase then takes the reader down less-worn paths. For example, in “Lead Us Not Into Temptation” we begin by reading about the common experience of temptation and a look at Satan. But then Father Haase launches into a detailed examination of John Cassian’s “Eight Thoughts” the devil uses to tempt us, as well as the corresponding eight virtues that can help us fight evil in our minds and hearts. I found this section to be especially fascinating.

Oh, I should probably note: If you’re not Roman Catholic, don’t let “Father” Haase scare you. This book is decidedly ecumenical. Protestants can enjoy it every bit as much as Catholics–I promise!

Living the Lord’s Prayer is aptly subtitled “The Way of the Disciple.” Father Haase gives ample suggestions for putting The Lord’s Prayer into practice in our daily lives. His approach makes this book both wonderful devotional reading and a call to action.

Don’t simply recite The Lord’s Prayer. Live it–just as Jesus intended for you to.



  1. It sounds very good, Denise. Thanks for the review.

    Comment by JoanieD — September 8, 2009 @ 5:01 am | Reply

  2. He and his sister Sister Bridget Haase speak on Relevant Radio weekly (or almost weekly). That’s Catholic radio, and you can look on its website to see if it broadcasts in your area. Their New Orleans accents, overlaid with everywhere else they’ve lived, add a little extra spice to their lively brother-sister relationship.

    Comment by Therese Z — September 8, 2009 @ 3:03 pm | Reply

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