Denise Day Spencer

July 14, 2009

Carbohydrate codependence

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THE PLAN: Eat an apple and drink a SlimFast in the car for supper.

THE REALITY: Eat deep-fried clams, deep-fried French fries and deep-fried hush puppies from Long John Silver’s. Oh, yeah, there was some cole slaw, too, but that doesn’t give me much comfort as I think back on it now.

I have two problems.

1. I really should drop some weight. Not a lot. But 10 pounds would sure be nice.

2. Michael is on a diet — The Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet.

You’re no doubt already wondering, “Why don’t you just go on the same diet as your husband?” Well, I don’t want to! For one thing, I don’t think I’m a carb addict. (Yes, I took the quiz in the book.) And this diet is designed for people with a certain kind of metabolism. For another thing, I love carbs! I prefer a balanced diet that’s moderately low in sugar and fat. And that basically seems to work for me, except…I’ve been putting on weight, slowly but surely.

Michael says it’s because I’ve been working out with weights for three years now. That may be some of it, but my Rehab Master agrees with me that the weight-lifting can’t account for all of it. OK, OK, so I need to be stricter in my diet and get more aerobic exercise. Enter hubby and his new eating plan.

You see, on this plan Michael has a “carb hour” — an hour in which, after eating absolutely no carbohydrates all day, he can ingest them (still within reason, and still as part of a balanced meal.) But he can have the homemade bread…or pasta…or even chocolate cake — guilt-free. [Warning: There’s a lot more to it than that. If you’re interested, read the book!]

So what’s my problem? Whenever he’s on this eating plan, I get drawn into it. I see him delighting in all of that good-tasting stuff and I momentarily think, “Whee! It’s carb time!” Yes. For him. NOT for me!

And Michael is generous. If we’re traveling and he buys himself a candy bar, chances are he’ll come back with one for me, too. It’s summer time and it’s hot in the car and the candy will melt if I don’t eat it, right? So down the hatch it goes.

Back to my plan. I had to make a trip to town for a doctor’s appointment. (The Rehab Master, in fact.) “Ah,” I thought. “A perfect opportunity to skip a meal. I’ll be a really good girl tonight.” Then Michael called and said he wanted to go along. Of course he wanted to eat somewhere good because it was, after all, his carb hour.

If you’re familiar with Long John Silver’s, you’re wondering, “So what was the trouble? They have lots of low-fat, baked dinners.” That’s what I thought, too, walking into the restaurant. Then Michael, ever helpful, reminded me of their fried clams. There I stood at the counter thinking, “You know, if I’m going to drive all the way here and pay money for this meal, I want it to be what I really want right now. And what I really want right now is the fried clam dinner!” As a friend of mine says, “And so it goes…”

Oh, well, if misery loves company it may help me to know that my son-in-law hasn’t done well with his Carb Addict’s Diet for the past couple of days. It might have something to do with the fact that my daughter made pancakes for his non-carb meal. (She must get that ever-helpful streak from her dad.)

A Facebook friend chuckled at my tale and reminded me, “Tomorrow’s another day.” Maybe I will just think about all this tomorrow. I always did like Scarlett O’Hara’s approach to life. But then, she was a size what? ZERO? Well, she’d have eaten the fried clams too if Mammy had let her.

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