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July 14, 2009

Carbohydrate codependence

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THE PLAN: Eat an apple and drink a SlimFast in the car for supper.

THE REALITY: Eat deep-fried clams, deep-fried French fries and deep-fried hush puppies from Long John Silver’s. Oh, yeah, there was some cole slaw, too, but that doesn’t give me much comfort as I think back on it now.

I have two problems.

1. I really should drop some weight. Not a lot. But 10 pounds would sure be nice.

2. Michael is on a diet — The Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet.

You’re no doubt already wondering, “Why don’t you just go on the same diet as your husband?” Well, I don’t want to! For one thing, I don’t think I’m a carb addict. (Yes, I took the quiz in the book.) And this diet is designed for people with a certain kind of metabolism. For another thing, I love carbs! I prefer a balanced diet that’s moderately low in sugar and fat. And that basically seems to work for me, except…I’ve been putting on weight, slowly but surely. (more…)


July 9, 2009

Children’s object lesson: The parable of the weeds

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SCRIPTURE: Matthew 13:24-30

OBJECT: a flower or vegetable plant and a weed

Today we’re going to look at another parable Jesus told. He said the kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed wheat in his field. Wheat is a good plant; it’s what flour is made of. We use flour to bake bread, cookies, cakes and all sorts of good-tasting things. But when this farmer’s wheat sprouted, there were bunches of weeds mixed in with it.

I brought a good plant with me today. This is a [state name of plant]. But I also brought a weed. It’s not good for weeds to grow with the plants. They use up the water and nutrients in the soil so the plants can’t get as much. The weeds might even get taller than the plants and get more of the sunshine. And they make the space crowded, so the good plants don’t have enough room to grow. You may have seen your mom or your grandpa or someone else pulling weeds out of a garden or flowerbed to try to get rid of them. (more…)

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