Denise Day Spencer

March 10, 2009

Random ramblings

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Spring is springing here in southeastern Kentucky. I saw a groundhog by the side of the road Saturday, and it should have been a warning. Last night I had to take some items to our trash compound after dark. I approached the area from the rear, nearest the back of the truck. As I prepared to send an empty milk jug sailing through the air, I noticed in the gloom the black-and-calico neighborhood stray cat digging through a bag right in front of me. I tossed the jug and as it whistled past the cat I took a step closer so I could propel my bag in the same direction. The “cat” shape-shifted and a big, fluffy black-and-white tail arose from the debris. Pepe had his le pew pointed straight at me, no more than three feet away. Gadzooks! I tiptoed backward ever so slowly. He kept eating and never so much as raised his fearsome little head. It was my closest call to date, and I’ve had some close ones. Skunks hibernate, right? Thank goodness this one woke up hungry!   

Speaking of trash, last weekend I put in some volunteer hours at my church’s rummage building. During some down time I decided to sort through some bags that had been dropped off and begin pricing the items. All was going well until I pulled a very small plastic bag from a larger bag. I opened it and inside was…a dirty diaper. I still don’t know if it was an accident or someone’s idea of a practical joke. Either way, I’m glad it didn’t make its way into the stuff we’re saving for our “Big Sale.” Somebody at the Big Sale would have gotten a big surprise!

A week ago Michael purchased two boxes of Girl Scout cookies. He had payed for them with his own spending money and had been waiting with tingling tongue from order date to arrival. Two days ago Noel mentioned buying some Girl Scout cookies when she ran across someone selling them outside Walmart. Michael whirled around to face me. “I’ve been forgetting to eat my Girl Scout cookies!” he cried. “I’ll bet by now they’re all gone!” OK, think about it. Maisie can’t reach the counter. The cats aren’t interested in cookies. That just leaves me. Thanks, Hon, for accusing me of stealing all of your cookies. “I’ve only eaten one ‘Thin Mint’ ” I retorted, “and I’ve not so much as touched your “Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies!” (Didn’t those things used to have a more original name?) So now I have to remind him to eat his favorite cookies? We really are getting to be “the old folks at home…”


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