Denise Day Spencer

October 3, 2008

Children’s object lesson: The Parable of the Sower–part 2

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SCRIPTURES: Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23, Luke 8:4-8, 11-15
OBJECT: a few seeds and a clear glass filled with rocks & a small amount of dirt

We’ve been talking about the parables of Jesus–stories he told to teach people about God. Last time we looked at the Parable of the Sower. We talked about a farmer who dropped some seeds on a hard, dry path. Does anyone remember what happened to those seeds? That’s right; the birds came down and gobbled them up.

The next bunch of seeds in Jesus’ story fell on rocky soil. Remember, the seeds represent the gospel, the story of Jesus’ death for us. Let’s put some seeds in this glass. (Do so). Seeds need dirt to live, right? And here’s dirt. But look at how thin this layer of dirt is. What’s underneath the dirt? That’s right–rocks.

Now, what do you think will happen to these seeds if we cover them over with more dirt? They’ll be happy at first; they’ll sprout and start to grow. But seeds grow in two directions: up and down. The plant–a flower, a vegetable or whatever it is–grows up while the roots grow down. When the roots of these seeds reach down into the dirt, what will they find? Rocks!

Jesus said that when the sun beat down on these plants they withered and died. You see, soil will hold in moisture from the rain so the roots of the plants can get a drink of water. But if a plant is growing in rocks, the water trickles through the rocks and away, leaving the poor plant very thirsty. And without water, all things finally die.

What does that have to do with people? Some people hear the good news about Jesus and get all excited at first. “Whoo-hoo! I’m going to follow Jesus!” But then things get difficult. Maybe someone makes fun of them because of their new faith. Perhaps God doesn’t seem to answer a prayer, or He doesn’t answer the way they wanted Him to. Maybe someone they love gets sick or dies and they think, “How could God let this happen?” And the little bit of faith they had withers up and dies, just like the plant in the rocks.

But why? Because, like the plant, there’s nothing for their roots to hold onto. And there’s no way for them to get enough water. Jesus is the Living Water, and without Him we die spiritually. Our faith won’t last if it’s rooted only in excitement and feeling good. I pray that your lives will be rooted in the real truth of Jesus Christ.


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