Denise Day Spencer

May 10, 2008

A tardy tale

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A conversation that took place in my office this past week:

DENISE: (to Audie) Today’s Tamara’s birthday! I brought her some flowers and some mint. (as Tamara enters) Hi! (pointing to a tiny boquet of home-grown flowers) Here’s a birthday boquet for you! (pointing to a bunch of mint leaves) And here’s some birthday mint for your tea!

TAMARA: Oh, my! Thank you! (pause, turning on the computer) Well, we had a good time last night. We ate at the Mexican restaurant.

DENISE: For your birthday?


DENISE: Oh, I see. You had to have your birthday dinner last night because you’re going to the track meet tonight, right?

TAMARA: We had my birthday dinner last night because yesterday was my birthday.

Now considering the fact that Tamara and I have worked together for 12 years or so, this would have been rather embarrassing were it not for the fact that she can never remember the date of my birth or even the month. Lesson learned: If you’re going to be forgetful, hang out with someone more forgetful than yourself!



  1. Mrs. Spencer,
    I am sorry to send this in your comments section but I don’t know how else to get in touch.
    I have been a fan of IMonk for some time and the blog is is to some degree part of why I am now flirting with the RCC.
    Could you write something of your journey? How did it start? What were deciding factors for you? I don’t think we need an apologetics article but just a word from your heart for fellow strugglers.
    My memory is so bad that I can’t even remember my children’s birthdays without going through a mnemonics exercise.

    Comment by Rob — May 14, 2008 @ 8:24 pm | Reply

  2. Rob,

    I appreciate your request, but I am simply unable to talk about it at this time. There’s not a lot I could say beyond what Michael’s already said. And it’s been so painful for us, in part because I have never been able to explain my journey to Michael in a way that he can even begin to understand. If I can’t enlighten him, I’m sure I could never find the words to describe it to anyone else. About the only thing I can say about why I’m where I am today is, “It’s where God has led me.” I wish you much peace, my fellow struggler.

    Comment by Denise — May 15, 2008 @ 7:33 pm | Reply

  3. Be at Peace.
    God is with you and your family as you know.
    Suffering is a sacrement.

    Comment by Rob — May 15, 2008 @ 11:07 pm | Reply

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