Denise Day Spencer

March 12, 2008


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Well, last weekend we had ourselves some snow. Actually, we didn’t get nearly as much as the forecast predicted we might, but it was still more than we’d had in a while. All in all, it’s been a mild winter for us, so I’ve had no complaints. The snow just got me to thinking about seasons.

Kentucky has been my home all of my life. I’ve always enjoyed the seasons, though at times I’m guilty of griping about them a bit. I grew up without central air-conditioning, but now put me in the heat on a 95-degree summer day, and I think I’m going to wilt away. And, like most folks, I guess, I mutter when I can’t drive wherever I want to go because of ice and snow.

I have extended family in the Los Angeles area. Occasionally I wonder, “How do they stand not having seasons like we do?” I don’t mean simply not having a white Christmas. (We usually don’t have that, either!) I mean all of it. Yet the older I get, the more I think “Hey! I could deal with that!” But could I?

The seasons are helpful to us in more ways than one. They teach us about the seasons of life. There are phases we think of more commonly–being newlyweds, having small children, parenting teenagers, dealing with the empty nest and then the senior years. These are periods we go through in linear fashion, moving ever forward. But there are also seasons that wax and wane like the tides–personal health and illness, financial feast and famine, family discord and peace.

I have felt a spring-like breeze whisper against my cheek in the middle of winter. I’ve bundled up against the sudden chill of an early fall. These unexpected fluctuations can surprise and even delight. Yet even if the change is slower and more predictable, the message is the same: there will always be change.

This past weekend Clay took a picture of daffodils rearing buttery heads through the pristine snow. Winter gives way to spring once more. I have learned that when problems come, whether great or small, they will eventually pass…or I will adapt until they aren’t such problems after all. And I’ve also learned that when life is grand, appreciate it. Savor every moment because this, too is a season.

And seasons always change.


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