Denise Day Spencer

February 4, 2008

Holy Week drama: Mary Magdalene

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I’d like to post five short dramas that I wrote for our school’s Holy Week services last year. If you’re looking for one or more simple, yet meaningful dramas for this Lenten season, feel free to use these.

By Denise Day Spencer

NARRATOR:     Jesus…appeared to Mary Magdalene, (looking at MARY) out of whom he had cast seven demons. *

MARY: Demons, they called them. You might call it something different today. I can’t even tell you when or how it started. It’s all such a jumble in my mind.

I first remember being happy–really happy. And so energetic. I felt like there was nothing I couldn’t do. So I tried to do it all. Pretty soon I didn’t need to sleep any more. I couldn’t sleep, even when I tried. My friends looked at me strangely and asked if something was wrong. But how could anything be wrong when I felt so good?

That was before I started being followed by the Shadow People. They tell me now that the Shadow People weren’t really there, that they didn’t even exist. That’s still hard for me to believe, because they were so real. I could feel them behind me, lurking in the shadows, waiting to see where I would go. They were there even in daylight, but especially in darkness.

You see, they knew that I knew the secrets. Deep, spiritual secrets, mysteries of the universe. God was revealing things to me day by day, every day more and more until I felt like my mind would explode–until I felt like my very soul would shatter into a million pieces. God was so close, so real. I had never felt Him like that before, and then–

It was over. Just like that. “Come out of her!” he said, and everything was gone. The energy, the Shadow People…and God. They tell me none of it was real. I can do without the energy, because right now I’m very tired. And I’m glad the Shadow People are gone, because they were frightening. But I did want the God thing to be real, you know? It was nice feeling so close to Him like that.

(JESUS enters and stands at a distance, listening)

If it wasn’t real, what am I to do now? I’m afraid to go to worship. I’m afraid to even try to pray. What if it all comes back? I feel so far away from Him now. I can’t trust my thoughts, I can’t trust my feelings. How will I ever know–ever–what’s real?

JESUS: (approaching her) I am real.

MARY: (turning to him) Jesus.

JESUS: Mary. You want to know God? (lightly touching her temple) Don’t look inside your mind. Find Him in me.


* Mark 16:9


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