Denise Day Spencer

December 18, 2007

Christmas ramblings

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Well, it’s that season of the year again–lovely Christmas time. The time when all hearts are filled with peace and goodwill toward brother, neighbor, stranger. The time when we dare to hope for childlike faith and innocence. Wait. Did I just say “childlike innocence?” Is there any such thing? If so, they lose it mighty early these days. A friend told me last week that when she was keeping the church nursery, the two and  three-year-old girls were taking turns dressing up like Mary and holding a doll to represent the baby Jesus. When one tot’s friend approached her and wanted to be a part of the tableau, the preschool Mary glared at her little peer and proclaimed, “My baby hates you. Go away!” Now…what was that I was saying about “childlike innocence?”

O.K. I’ve gotten two beautiful homemade Christmas cards from out-of-town friends in the past couple of days. I don’t know how many cards these ladies sent out, but I imagine each of them laboring for hours day after day–designing every unique card, carefully doing calligraphy, painstakingly gluing bric-a-brac, painting, stamping and stenciling. Meanwhile, I’ve decided to not mail out any cards this year, and I can’t even get myself in gear to address the cards I bought for our fellow staff members here on campus. My conclusion? These two women are thoughtful, crafty and creative…and they’ve got entirely too much time on their hands!

So last night I was doing my holiday grocery shopping at the local IGA. I couldn’t help but notice one particular man standing alone in the baking ingredients aisle. He was holding what appeared to be a walkie-talkie and was speaking into it in a low voice, his tone extremely serious. What could this be? A plainclothes store detective reporting a suspicious shopper? An undercover cop? Or…oh, my goodness! What if this man was a thief who was casing the joint and making furtive plans with his accomplice?! I moved in closer while feigning an interest in the flaked coconut. “Naw,” he was saying, while reading a box of cake mix. “It don’t say nothin’ about cupcakes.” Then, his voice lowering another notch, “So do you want vanilla or chocolate?” Good grief. This wasn’t a modern-day rendition of a Bogart movie; it was hubby goes shopping. Bummer. Although it did give me an idea. Maybe if Michael and I had two-way radios I could trust him to do the shopping.


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