Denise Day Spencer

December 18, 2007

Christmas ramblings

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Well, it’s that season of the year again–lovely Christmas time. The time when all hearts are filled with peace and goodwill toward brother, neighbor, stranger. The time when we dare to hope for childlike faith and innocence. Wait. Did I just say “childlike innocence?” Is there any such thing? If so, they lose it mighty early these days. (more…)


December 11, 2007

Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt

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Since I was a child, I have loved to read the Bible. But in addition to reading the words on the page, I have also loved to speculate about the sentences that are not there. Some call that “reading between the lines.” You may call it an over-active imagination. I realize that when studying the word of God such a thing can be tricky, even dangerous.

Yet there is a definite place for it, I believe, in the arts. It’s what I’ve always done when writing Biblical skits and plays. Characters must be fleshed out. An writer must fill in the gaps that are there in every Bible story if it is to be turned into a drama or a novel. If the reader can appreciate Bible-based fiction for the sake of the story, the author’s speculation can lead the reader to wonder, to question and dig deeper, even to worship. (more…)

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