Denise Day Spencer

October 14, 2007

Are you happy and you know it? Then sing!

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Well, Michael had the pleasure of doing a pulpit supply gig in a church in our area today, and I tagged along. It was a special day. We were to be treated to a musical performance by “The Little Angels” (also known as the preschool children). And what a treat it was.

There were four of them. First, a small boy in a leather jacket positioned precariously near the corner of the platform. Then two tiny girls wearing shiny shoes, one barely big enough to be afoot. The fourth member of the infant chorus was significantly taller, an adorable lad with blond hair and dimples around five years of age.

It became immediately apparent that if we had any high musical expectations, they were soon to be shattered. The small boy had obviously decided his position would be spectatorial rather than participatory. He watched the director, a nice lady in a turquoise dress, with mild interest as if she were performing a solo just for him. His admiration of her was broken when he finally fell off the stage.

The girls also mistook their assigned roles as non-singing parts and stood their ground obediently. (Well, the older one eventually tired of standing and sat down, swinging her glossy feet over the edge of the stage.)

The lack of enthusiasm in the other three was more than made up for by the fourth member of the angelic choir. He bounded onto the stage and began to immediately take charge, demanding repeatedly that everyone–and I do mean everyone–in the congregation take part in this musical fiesta. He eyed the congregation like a hawk to see who was singing and who was not. He directed us all by flailing his arms so wide I thought he would surely knock his backup singers down like tumbling toddler dominoes. He twisted and turned about to make sure even the adult choir behind him was joining in the fun.

“Come on!” he cheered, “Everybody sing!” Unfortunately, he was so busy monitoring the situation that he forgot to sing himself, so I suppose it was a good thing we cooperated. I was personally glad that after all these years I still remembered the words–and motions!–to “Deep and Wide,” because I didn’t want the small sergeant to march down from the platform and give me a public reprimand.

So there we were, a bunch of dressed-up grown-ups singing “If You’re Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands” while the nice lady in the turquoise dress gallantly directed her mute quartet and the taller wee tenor directed us. It was a spectacle to behold.

I’ve tried all afternoon to think up a moral to this story. All I can come up with are things like, “Little kids are hilarious” and “Church can be fun.” Maybe you can do better than I did. But it was fun. I hope and pray the young conductor never loses his enthusiasm for the Kingdom.

And hey. At age 50 I can still do a pretty rockin’ “Deep and Wide.”


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