Denise Day Spencer

July 4, 2007

Why baseball is great

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Have you ever tried to make an occasion really special for somebody else, only to be thwarted at every turn? That seems to happen to Michael more often than it should, and today was definitely one of those days. The occasion? Our 29th wedding anniversary. The other person? Me, of course.

It’s been one of those evenings where so much has gone wrong that we’ve just had to laugh. The plan was to come to Lexington for an overnight and go to a Lexington Legends baseball game, which was to be followed by a fireworks show. Michael knows that I love to see fireworks on the 4th of July, and I hardly ever get to. And the Legends do put on a good show.

We intended to eat at Penn Station Sub before going to the baseball park. It was closed for the holiday. So we found a Subway…which was also closed for the holiday. Since when do fast food joints close on holidays other than maybe Christmas? That was just plain weird. So we drove on to the park, where we knew we could at least get a hot dog or hamburger or some other tasty treat at jacked-up prices.

I really enjoyed my hot dog and Pepsi…until it started drizzling about 10 minutes before game time. “It’ll just be one of those quick summer showers,” Michael said cheerfully. I didn’t know; the sky looked pretty dark. So we joined all of the other fans in the concession area and waited. And waited. The sky turned several darker shades of gray. Thunder rumbled in the near-distance. Lightning flashed. We stood there, elbow to elbow with countless other fans, while the rain progressed to a torrential downpour, the wind whipped through the enclosure, lightning flashed even brighter and the thunder crashed right overhead and echoed down the corridor where we stood. I was just praying a tornado wouldn’t come blasting through. That seemed to be about the only thing left to happen.

For just over an hour we all just stood there. Either nobody wanted to leave, or nobody wanted to run to their cars in that weather. But the great thing about baseball is that no one cared! Everybody was patient, polite, friendly and cheerful, standing around with their beer and nachos. We were a crowd of all ages–young parents toting wide-eyed infants jostling alongside elderly couples and everything in-between.

They turned the lights on the field and we could watch the rain falling in sheets. It came down so hard that we could barely see to the other side of the field. Someone said, “Look! There are two guys sitting out there in this!” Sure enough, a couple of fellows had kept their seats and remained at their posts despite the frog-drowning deluge. Were they actually afraid someone would try to steal their seats? Or were they waiting to catch a ride on the ark when Noah rode through? Maybe they’d already had enough beer that they didn’t notice they were in the eye of a hurricane.

Finally after about an hour and 15 minutes the rain stopped and we returned to our soggy seats, armed with a handful of napkins with which to dry them off. About the time we sat down again, they announced that the game was canceled. They had put a huge tarp over the field before the storm began, but the bullpens were too full of standing water to be of any use, and I’m sure the outfield was in pretty bad shape, too.

We stood in line for a few minutes to exchange our tickets, but the line was so long and slow that we decided to go back to the box office tomorrow instead. As we walked to our car it began to rain again and was soon pouring once more. Before coming back to the motel, Michael wanted to make a stop at the bookstore. Maybe the evening wouldn’t be a total loss…until an employee met us at the door and said with an apologetic smile, “We’re closing in one minute because of the holiday.”

So back to the motel room we came, where we happily discovered that we have wireless internet access. Oh, and we each have a pack of Peanut M&Ms, too. A cup of hot tea and a pack of Peanut M&M’s–that’s about all it takes to make me happy!

Tomorrow we’ll go to the Outback Steak House for a special anniversary lunch. Unless they’re closed for the day-after-the-4th-of-July. Or Hurricane Thomas Jefferson has swept them off the Lexington city map. So wish us luck! At this point we just might need it.


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