Denise Day Spencer

June 1, 2007

It’s that time of year again

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I’ve been walking the track in the evenings as I love to do in the summer. The mountains, the creek and the cornfields make a majestic backdrop for my exercise. A few nights ago I saw the first lightning bugs of the season.

While walking home I remembered the many summer nights that my family went to visit my grandparents when I was a child. Memaw and Ben lived on a farm several miles outside of town. I loved to step out into the back yard after it had gotten good and dark. Far removed from the city lights, the lightning bugs twinkled among the Black Angus cattle like a host of tiny fairies.

And then there were the stars. So many more stars than we could ever see in town, and so much more magnificent. I would stand there, gazing up into the heavens, loving the God who created all of this splendor and who still had time to love me.

And so it was that walking home from the track the other night, I recalled a poem I wrote some years back. I’d like to share it with you now:


Big Dipper loomed over little girl me

as the cows chewed grass and clover sweet

with late-night dew.

But the biggest dipper was not enough

to fill my ever-thirsting cup.

So came the Creator of sky and land

and gave me drink by His own hand.

Water, alive and free

for little girl me.

Orion treads over grown-up me

as the frogs make music by the creek

with moonlit hues.

But the fastest hunter can’t catch my soul;

May grasp, but cannot keep his hold.

So comes the Creator of moon and stars,

drawing me close as through the years.

Forever His I’ll be.

He still captures me.


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