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June 26, 2007

Random Reading

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Today’s “Random Ramblings” are going to all pertain to things I or somebody else have read lately.

Last week I saw a van with a business slogan on the side. The advertisement was for a product or program called “Suddenly Slim.” Oh really? How suddenly? For that matter, how slim? This could get kind of scary…

Then there was the box of “Frosted Mini-Wheats” with the subtitle, “Big Bite!” If the pieces are large enough to constitute a “big bite,” they’re not exactly “mini,” are they?

Friday I was driving along one of the country roads in these here parts. It was a quiet little-traveled state highway between one tiny town and another small village. There, by the side of the road in front of his house stood a boy of about nine, holding a big sign that said, “Car wash!” He was in the middle of nowhere. He had no helpers. There were no customers. I didn’t even see a bucket or a sponge. Now that’s what I call optimism.

Today our principal called to my attention a sentence in our student handbook proclaiming that “Students are not allowed in any of the school buildings during the school day.” That’ll keep us from having to deal with those darn kids!


June 17, 2007

Random Ramblings

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Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there!

Michael has to go to our ministry’s evening chapel service every Sunday night at 7:00. Clay knows this. Tonight the phone rang at precisely 7:00. I answered. Without even so much as a “Hello,” the opening remarks were:

Clay: Dad’s not there, is he?

Me: No.

Clay: Well, crap. Happy Father’s Day!

Speaking of the kids, we had the pleasure of having everybody at home together a few weeks back. You parents of younger kids will be pleased to know that we still have sibling arguments at our house. Only instead of, “He stole my diary!” it’s now heated disagreements about…poetry, of all things. Some things never change–and that makes me feel oddly secure!

The day after the kids left, I wanted something special for breakfast. I knew there was a leftover sweet roll from our breakfast the day before. Oh, how good that would taste with a cup of coffee. I searched for it, but it was…gone. No problem. Noel had brought us a dessert, and I knew there was still one piece left. I opened the refrigerator, and it was…gone. So I fixed myself a couple of pieces of cinnamon toast from a loaf of bread that the horde of 20-something locusts hadn’t devoured. I’m not complaining. I’d take my family over a sweet roll any day!

My boss still uses floppy disks. A couple of weeks ago I needed to edit something for him at home because I was on vacation (except for a couple of odd jobs–like editing!) I stood in the middle of the house, floppy in hand, and realized that none of our four computers even had an A drive. So I had to go back to the office that evening to do it, and I teased him about it later. This past week one of our students found a working A drive–in our trash compound. He brought it to Michael who gave it to me and now I’m in business. Ha! I’m no slave to technology!

June 12, 2007

Intentional parenting–it’s no accident

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A short while back, Michael and I each wrote an essay on one aspect of parenting. While we’ve been far from perfect parents (just ask our kids!) we wanted to share a couple of things we think we did right.

If parenting is important to you, you’re probably always on the lookout for folks who are, for the most part anyway, getting it right. I’ve had my eye on a particular family for some time, and I finally asked Mrs. Karen DeCarlo to grant me an interview. She graciously shared an hour of her time and much down-to-earth wisdom.

Regular readers of this blog have met Dr. Anthony DeCarlo before. His wife, Karen, is business manager for their chiropractic practice. (Dr. DeCarlo says, “It’s really her business. I’m just the guy who works here.”) Be that as it may, Mrs. DeCarlo is happy to be able to work very part-time hours so that she can spend most of her time with their two daughters. Allie and Sarah are 13 and 12, respectively. While the DeCarlo family is, admittedly, just now on the brink of the sometimes-dreaded teenage years, I’ve found them to be successful so far, particularly in one area that Michael and I agree is vitally important: intentional parenting.

If you’re a parent now or hope to be someday, this is well worth a read. And at least one of her responses may surprise you. (more…)

June 7, 2007

Children’s sermon: God–His unique nature

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Another children’s object lesson based on the doctrinal summaries in the Disciple’s Study Bible.

SCRIPTURES: Isaiah 43:10, 55:9

OBJECT: binoculars (or a small telescope)

I want us to think in our next few times together about God. Who is He? What is He like?

God is totally unique. Now, what does that mean? “Unique” means there is nobody else like Him anywhere. (more…)

June 1, 2007

It’s that time of year again

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I’ve been walking the track in the evenings as I love to do in the summer. The mountains, the creek and the cornfields make a majestic backdrop for my exercise. A few nights ago I saw the first lightning bugs of the season.

While walking home I remembered the many summer nights that my family went to visit my grandparents when I was a child. Memaw and Ben lived on a farm several miles outside of town. I loved to step out into the back yard after it had gotten good and dark. Far removed from the city lights, the lightning bugs twinkled among the Black Angus cattle like a host of tiny fairies.

And then there were the stars. So many more stars than we could ever see in town, and so much more magnificent. I would stand there, gazing up into the heavens, loving the God who created all of this splendor and who still had time to love me.

And so it was that walking home from the track the other night, I recalled a poem I wrote some years back. I’d like to share it with you now: (more…)

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