Denise Day Spencer

February 5, 2007

Holy Week drama: The Traitor

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I know it’s only early Febuary, but I believe in getting a head start. I’d like to share three skits that I wrote some years ago for our annual Holy Week services in chapel. If you can use one or more of them this Easter season, be my guest.

First, a two-man skit about Judas’ betrayal of Jesus.

The Traitor
by Denise Day Spencer

Lights up on SAMUEL seated at a small table, writing in a ledger. JUDAS enters.

JUDAS: Samuel?

SAMUEL: Judas! You have news, I hope?

JUDAS: I know where Jesus is.

SAMUEL: That’s not news, Judas. He’s been in Jerusalem all week.
What we don’t know is how to get him.

JUDAS: All right then. I know how you can get him.

SAMUEL: (putting his pen down) I’m interested. Go on.

JUDAS: He’s celebrating the Passover with all of us…I mean with the others…

SAMUEL: And you’re not there? What a pity.

JUDAS: I left just now. After the meal they’re going to the Mount of Olives.

SAMUEL: (with increasing interest) The Mount? Are you sure?

JUDAS: Gethsemane, to be exact. It’s where he likes to go…to pray.

SAMUEL: (delighted) Arrest him while he prays? Judas, you’re a genius!

JUDAS: I am?

SAMUEL: (rising, pacing about excitedly) Who will be with him?

JUDAS: Just the disciples, I suppose.

SAMUEL: Minus one, because you’ll be with us! Nearly alone…under cover
of darkness…this is just what we’ve been waiting for!

JUDAS: I don’t understand.

SAMUEL: We can’t grab him in broad daylight because he plants himself
right in the middle of the Temple. The people would riot if we
took him there.

JUDAS: Won’t they still cause trouble when they find out Jesus has been

SAMUEL: By the time they find out, it will all be taken care of.

JUDAS: But you can’t have a trial in the middle of the night!

SAMUEL: Oh come now, Judas! You don’t think this Jesus of yours deserves
a real trial, do you?

JUDAS: But I was under the impression that–

SAMUEL: I think you’re afraid. You don’t want the people to know you were
the one who betrayed him. (moves to table and opens a drawer)
Come here. (JUDAS obeys as SAMUEL pulls bag of coins from
drawer) Here’s the amount we agreed on. Thirty pieces of silver.
You take us to him, and I’ll make sure you have plenty of time to
get out of town. (holding bag out to him) Deal?

JUDAS: (taking bag) Deal. (he turns to leave)

SAMUEL: Oh, Judas? (JUDAS stops and turns) Jesus likes to condemn
the scribes and Pharisees. He says tax collectors and prostitutes
are closer to God’s kingdom than we are. What does he say
about traitors, I wonder?

JUDAS exit wordlessly. SAMUEL closes his book and exits in the opposite

The End



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