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December 23, 2006


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Christmas is, in many ways, a time for children. Jolly old St. Nick, red-nosed reindeer, stockings bulging with surprises–all things that make a young countenance light up with glee.

One of my favorite personal Christmas stories is about our daughter, Noel. But it’s not about the mythical aspect of the holiday. No, Noel has always been a very practical¬† person. This story is about the down-to-earth side of Christmas, the real Christmas, if you will.

Noel was three years old, and already had a great love of play-acting. One day she came into my bedroom carrying her favorite baby doll and wearing a cloth diaper as a head covering. “Mommy,” she directed, “You be Mary and I’ll be the angel.” She looked rather serious, and I sensed that this might be important. “O.K.” I agreed, and waited. Noel carried the doll gently, carefully, and ceremoniously laid it in my arms. “It’s the baby Jesus,” she explained, as if I had not already guessed. “Thank you,” I replied, and looked upon my new addition with the best pretend maternal love I could muster.

The small angel stood there a moment before giving me one knowing admonition: “He spits up.”

Little did she know that she had captured the heart of the gospel in three unlikely words. Jesus, the Alpha and Omega, only begotten Son of the Father, came to earth as a human. A tiny human, wrinkled and helpless, crying and hungry. Jesus, the Word made flesh, would nurse at His mother’s breast and then spit up.

I have known Him for a lifetime, and still it amazes me. I hope it amazes you, too. May you know and worship Emmanuel, God with us, this Christmas.

December 8, 2006

The difficulty with donuts

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My last essay was perceived by Michael as one that made fun of him. So it’s payback time. This time I’m going to make well-deserved fun of myself.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about people in my nearly 50 years, it’s that different folks have different mindsets about things. For instance, there’s the question of now vs. later. Some people will buy it now even if they have to put it (whatever “it” is) on credit. Others prefer to save up so they can get it later and remain debt-free. Some will get it now on an impulse. Others want to make sure they really need it, or perhaps see if they can find it cheaper elsewhere.

This mentality applies to lesser things, too, like food. (more…)

December 4, 2006

A Star Wars Christmas?

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A couple of weeks ago I accompanied one of our middle school boys as he sang in a chapel service. This guy not only sings, he also composes adaptations of songs and plays them on the piano. He told me he was working on a song from Star Wars, and added, “Maybe Mr. Spencer will let me do it for Christmas.”

Excuse me? Star Wars for Christmas? But then I thought, “Well, why not?”

So Star Wars fans, it’s time to step up to the plate. If we wanted to have a Star Wars Christmas, what would some of the favorite songs be? Leave me a comment and we’ll see how creative you are.

Children’s sermon: Humanity–made in God’s image

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Based on one of the doctrinal summaries in the Disciple’s Study Bible

SCRIPTURE: Genesis 5:1

OBJECT: a small mirror

I’ve got a question for you today, a sort of riddle. I’m going to name four things God created, and I want you to tell me which one is most different from all the others, O.K.? Here they are: a cow, a lion, a hippopotamus…and you. Which one is most different from all the others? Yes, you. Why? That’s right, because you aren’t an animal. You are human. (more…)

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