Denise Day Spencer

October 14, 2006

Children’s sermon: History and hope

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Another children’s sermon based on the doctrinal summaries in the Disciple’s Study Bible.

SCRIPTURE: Revelation 22:5

OBJECTS: small chalkboard, chalk, an eraser

We talked last time about history and time. We learned that while human history is a record of things that happen in time, God is outside of time. He controls history. That gives us hope for the future. Let me show you how.

Some people see history as a circle. (draw a circle on chalkboard) See how this circle goes around and around? It has no beginning and no end. Let’s erase the circle, because that’s not how God sees time.

Other people think history is like a line…(draw line) that dead-ends. (drop line off, like a cliff) They think someday time will just end, and that will be that. (erase) That’s not what the Bible says about hisory, either.

I’m going to draw my line again, but this time I want you to watch closely. The line has a beginning; that’s the creation of the universe and the beginning of our history. The line is going somewhere, isn’t it? And we need to remember that God is controlling where it is going.

Now I’m going to make a bump in the line. This is not the end of our history. It is the end of time as we understand it, because someday God will bring this world to an end. But look! The line keeps going, to the very end of the chalkboard. Imagine that it goes on past the chalkboard, forever and ever.

The book of Revelation tells us about the end of time. It teaches us that the end of time is really only the beginning–the beginning of the kingdom of God that will never, ever end. That’s what gives history meaning. That’s what gives us hope.


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  1. Thanks for the sermon and the wonderful illustration. Sometimes, children are afraid of the concept “forever” because of the unknown. In fact, both of my children, even though they are more than 4 years apart, have verbalized their fear of the concept to me at different occasions. I wonder how I can approach this subject of the eternity and the never ending of “time” as we know it.

    Thank you for your advise.


    Comment by christine ho — March 3, 2007 @ 11:05 pm | Reply

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