Denise Day Spencer

August 17, 2006

Random Ramblings

Filed under: Random ramblings — denisedayspencer @ 1:56 am

Clay leaves for college in two days. The other night I dreamed about my 21-year-old Noel, now a quite-adult, married woman. But in the dream she was three, and wearing a little cotton “Care Bears” nightie. Am I having some empty nest anxiety or what?

Noel, meanwhile, has been having a recurrent dream of being mauled and eaten by a bear. I’m not sure what that says about her…

Why do people abbreviate when they write the word “cell,” as in cell phone? It’s already only got four letters! Are we really that pressed for time?

Speaking of time, Michael’s given me a book that’s supposed to help me organize my time and my work better. It’s called “Getting Things DONE: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity.” The author: David Allen. Sounds great! Only one problem. (You can see this coming, can’t you?) I’m too stressed, disorganized and overworked to make time to sit and read a book!


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