Denise Day Spencer

May 28, 2006

Children’s sermon: Christian ethics

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Another installment in my series of children's sermons based on The Disciple's Study Bible doctrinal summaries. 

SCRIPTURE: Leviticus 19:18

OBJECT: masking tape for making a circle on the floor where you will be standing

We talked last time about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. I want us to talk more about that today. Think with me for a moment about how we as Christians should treat other people. You might think of it as being a disciple in our world.

Some people act as if they think their world is very small. They live as if they are the only people in their world. Do you see this circle I'm standing in? I could stand here all day and pretend that I'm the only person who matters, but sooner or later I'd have to step out of my circle, wouldn't I? Even if I never stepped out, other people would have to step into my circle to help me.

If we are really going to live for Jesus, we have to understand that other people are important, too. Sometimes what I want, or even what's best for me, may not be what's best for everyone else. I may have to give up something I want, or do things differently than I had planned, because it's the best way for everyone. That's not always easy.

We have to look at how we treat other people from day to day. In the Old Testament there's a verse that says, "…Love your neighbor as yourself…" Are we honest and truthful? Can people trust us? Do we respect others and their belongings? When someone is not being reated right, do we try to do the right thing?

If we truly love our neighbors as ourselves, we'll be glad to step out of our circles…and really make a difference in the world. 


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