Denise Day Spencer

February 25, 2006

Children’s sermon: The church

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My children’s sermons continue, based on doctrinal outlines in “The Disciple’s Study Bible.” This week–the church.

Scripture: John 17:20-21

Object: no object needed except your own, two hands

Today I want us to talk about the church. When you got up this morning, you probably thought, “Oh, it’s Sunday. Today’s the day we go to church.” Maybe your mom or dad said to you, “Hurry up! We don’t want to be late for church!”

Think about that for a moment. “Go to church…” “Be late for church…” Those statements make it sound as if the church is a building we go to, or a meeting on a certain day. It’s true that this is the church building, and we do meet together on certain days. But the church is much, much more than that. The church is people.

Maybe you’ve done this little fingerplay: (folding your hands with the fingers inside) “Here’s the church…(making a steeple with your pinkie fingers)…Here’s the steeple…(separating thumbs…Open the doors…(inverting hands to show fingers wiggling)…and see all the people!” It’s those people I want us to think about today.

What is the church? One meaning of the church is a group of Christians who organize themselves together to worship and serve God. The (state name of your church) is all the people who make up the (state name again). But it’s even more than that.

Another meaning of the word “church” is all people everywhere throughout all of time who have believed or will believe in Jesus. In John 17, Jesus was praying for His disciples, and then He said, “My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe…” So the church includes all sorts of people, from Jesus’ twelve disciples to us today.

The Bible uses different word pictures to describe the church. Sometimes we’re called “the bride of Christ,” because we’re supposed to be faithful and devoted to Christ just like a wife is to her husband. Other times the Bible calls the church “the body of Christ,” and tells us that Jesus is the Head of the church. We are to obey Him, just like our arms and legs obey our brains.

The job of the church is to proclaim the good news about Jesus Christ by preaching, teaching, and loving our neighbors. We can accomplish so much if we work together. We’re supposed to love one another so much that when the world looks at the church, they’ll see the love of Jesus.


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