Denise Day Spencer

January 23, 2006

Oh, the irony

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A couple of nights ago, Michael, Clay and I went to the theater to see “End of the Spear.” When we came out and got into the car, I was the first one to speak. “Well,” I said. “I’m angry.”

I was aware going into the movie that some Christians were advising others to not support this film because one of the leading actors, Chad Allen, is a homosexual activist. As to my views on that, I can’t say it any better than Michael already has in his essay, “It Ought to be a Parable. It’s that Good.”

I was angry at the thought that Christians would badmouth and/or boycott such a wonderful movie because of the lifestyle and politics of one of the actors. I know they are well-meaning people. But talk about not seeing the forest for the trees. We need to be able to see the big picture here and not cut off our noses to spite our faces, (to use two cliches in two consecutive sentences!)

As we drove home, Michael and I agreed that another criticism of this film would surely be, “It’s not Christian enough.” And sure enough, there’s already been talk of that, too.

If you’ve seen the movie, have you caught the irony of this objection?

“End of the Spear” beautifully depicts the gentle, subtle methods the missionaries used to communicate the gospel to the people they were trying to reach. They respected the culture and beliefs of those people and brought the gospel message to them in words and stories they could understand and relate to. The wives explained the example that had already been set by their husbands in giving up their lives freely. And–perhaps best of all–the film shows the importance of the work of the Holy Spirit in convicting people of sin and bringing them to Christ.

The irony is that the movie itself does in our culture what the missionaries did in the Ecuador jungle. The gospel presentation is subtle, yet unmistakably clear. This is a film you can invite your friends to, knowing they will not be beaten over the head with the message. But it is there. No doubt about it.

I urge you to support this film. Pray that many will see it. Take a lost friend. Then dialogue with him or her afterward…and let the Spirit do His job.


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