Denise Day Spencer

January 6, 2006

“The blues”

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Well, I’ve had “the blues” for the past few days. No appetite, tired, tearful. Yuck.

I think the adventure of moving Grandma in with us has finally caught up with me. I’m realizing that Noel is only going to be a part of our family for a few more months and is, for all practical purposes, already gone. I’m missing Clay in advance, though he won’t graduate for four more months. Work really isn’t that bad, but a couple of new projects leave me feeling constantly overwhelmed. And there’s never a dull moment around here with Grandma and Noel trying to keep all of their stuff in the same small room. Sometimes it gets…well…the word “volatile” comes to mind.

So today I took a mental health day. I went to a funeral.

A good friend lost his father a couple of days ago, and several of us from the school went to the service. We rode 2 1/2 hours on a van, hugged Jerry, chatted with him for just a moment, sat through the funeral, and rode 2 1/2 hours back. But we also talked, told stories and enjoyed a leisurely lunch at a Pizza Hut buffet. The food tasted great. I ate and ate. I laughed.

Maybe it was getting away from the office and the family all at the same time. Maybe it was focusing on my friend and his grief instead of my own measley problems. But for some reason I felt better.

So now I’m wondering…if the best way for me to relieve depression is by going to a funeral, what does that say about me?


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  1. It says that you value your friendships. “Being there” for friends isn’t a chore for you.

    You have perspective. Life isn’t always enjoyable – but it’s what we’ve got. Yeah, I know there’s always eternal life, but I want my family amd friends to stick around here with me for a while. Even if they’re not always a pleasure.

    Comment by Dee — January 6, 2006 @ 6:01 am | Reply

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