Denise Day Spencer

January 5, 2006

Time management

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I must have a planner in order to live my life. I make detailed to-do lists on every page. I take the planner to work. I carry it all over campus.

Michael has a planner. His lists aren’t nearly as detailed as mine, but he plans.

One of the things on our daughter, Noel’s, Christmas list was a planner. We’re a planning kind of family.

When I was shopping for my 2006 planner, I ran across some versions that I thought our son, Clay, might enjoy. “He’s always so busy,” I thought. “This could help him organize his time with homework assignments, choir trips, drama rehearsals and other events.”

Clay walked past. “Hey!” I said. “Wouldn’t you like to have a planner? I’ll buy you one if you’ll use it.”

“I don’t plan anything!” he exclaimed. “That’s not how I want to live my life!”

And so Clay drifts into another year, disorganized and free, while the rest of us remain enslaved to our scribbled schedules. I may be a slave, but at least I’ll remember to send myself a reminder today to do that thing tomorrow that I forgot to do yesterday.


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